Honoring the memory of Royal Nebeker, artist, teacher, and community leader,

by providing scholarships for students in the visual arts residing in Clatsop County,Oregon, and Pacific County, Washington.

Royal Nebeker embodied what an artist should be. Talented, insightful, creative, and also an inspiring teacher and a man who worked to make his community a better place. After his death in September, 2014, some of his friends decided that the best way to memorialize Royal was to continue his contribution to education and the community by creating a fund to provide sholarships in his name for promising students in 2D and 3D visual arts.

The first fundraising dinner was held in 2015. That event and other contributions raised almost $10,000 toward scholarships. The first scholarship was awarded on June 5 of 2016.

The goal of the Royal Nebeker Scholarship Fund is to raise an endowment of $50,000, and to make a perpetual contribution to the community through sholarships awarded from the earnings of this fund.The fund is administered by Astoria High School Scholarship, Inc (alhough scholarships are not limited to high school students), which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If you wish to contribute to this worthy cause, please email us.

2018 Royal Nebeker Scholarship Dinner

This year's dinner will be held at Astroria's famous Carruther's Restaurant in May. The date is yet to be set, so watch this page--or look for an announcement in the Daily Astorian and Seaside Signal.

Call 503-883-3097 for further information or for Reservations.



Download an application for the High School Scholarship ($300.00)

Download an application for the regular Scholarship ($500.00)